Frigidaire Furnaces


Frigidaire iQ Drive® 97% AFUE Modulating Gas Furnace
• Modulating: The iQ Drive furnace customizes its operation based on your home’s needs. The furnace analyzes the indoor temperature every 60 seconds and adjusts its percentage of firing accordingly – from between 100% to 50% with the gas valve and down to 15% with time proportioning through the thermostat.
• Ultra Quiet: The quiet motor is encased in an insulated cabinet for ultimate sound reduction. The motor ramps up to speed, minimizing the abrupt change in sound found when a standard, single-stage furnace motor cycles on and off.
• iQ Drive Temperature Control: The best way to know the ins and outs of your iQ Drive system’s performance is with the iQ Drive controller. With this controller you have a fully programmable comfort schedule as well as access to maintenance reminders and troubleshooting diagnostics.
• Save on Heating: This gas furnace is ultra efficient – surpassing ENERGY STAR’s guidelines for efficient equipment in certain sizes and matches.
• iSEER: This furnace features iSEER technology, which can boost the cooling efficiency of a 13- or 14-SEER outdoor unit by up to 1-SEER point.
• iQ Drive Ready: This furnace can be paired with an iQ Drive air conditioner or heat pump for ultimate efficiency and comfort.
• Green HVAC: Looking for more than just efficiency out of your HVAC system? Choose an ecoLogic® qualified system like this one and expect efficiency and premium comfort.
• Maintain High Standards: Factory checked 234 times before being shipped.
The iQ Drive fully modulating gas furnace continuously adjusts its heat output to exactly match the needs of your home. You’ll notice a more uniform mix of air throughout your home, with virtually no hot or cold spots, and improved air filtration.

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