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Preventative Maintenance

We at Greg’s Service are firm believers in Preventative Maintenance. Past experience has proved, keeping your air filters replaced and coils clean can be critical to the life and performance of your equipment. Clean HVAC-R systems run more efficiently and break down much less keeping your repair bills to a minimum and your utility bills lower.

Greg’s can customize a maintenance plan for your company today. GIVE US A CALL TODAY FOR YOURS!

Heating and Air Conditioning Service

You can rest assured, Greg’s Service can provide quality service for your HVAC equipment. Our technicians are highly qualified and trained in the latest products to provide fast and efficient service to our customers. 24 hours a day our technicians can repair equipment that you purchased from us to keep you up and running in comfort.

Refrigeration Service

Greg’s highly trained technicians are qualified to service your equipment in a timely and satisfactory manner. We can provide quality service on most all refrigeration equipment including walk-ins, reach-ins, process chillers, laboratory and specialty equipment.

Air Balancing Services

Greg’s Service is certified in Air Balancing for commercial and residential buildings. We can provide detailed reports for the Health Departments, Building and Mechanical Inspectors as well as Restaurant Chains. We also work with other contractors to provide Air Balance reports for their needs on a sub-contracted basis. Ductwork that leaks air into unoccupied spaces costs you money and efficiency so let Greg’s start saving you money today.

Combustion Analyzing Services

Greg’s Service is a certified combustion analyst company providing combustion analysis to keep your fuel burning equipment working at  the upmost efficiency possible, while at the same time insuring your continued safety from the silent killer “Carbon Monoxide”. Call Today to find out how we can save you money! or Maybe your life!

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Greg's Service Inc. is a full service company. We install and service HVAC products as well as perform Combustion Analysis & Air Balancing. Call us today to see what we Can Do For You!!! (989) 752-3510