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Mitsubishi Mini-splits Mini-splits are the ideal solution for conditioning areas where adding ductwork is impractical or too expensive. This includes older homes, bedrooms, sunrooms, additions, office spaces, computer rooms, sports arena skyboxes, and interior warehouse offices, to name just a few. Mini-splits are easily installed with the condensing unit located outside and the air handler(s) mounted inside. A hole less than 3″ in diameter is all that’s required to connect lines and wires between the outdoor and indoor components. Units come pre-charged with environmentally friendly R-410a. medmitsubushi_ductless-ceiling-cassette Perfect airflow to meet your needs with four-way control. The PLFY is our ceiling-recessed type indoor unit with a two-, three-, or four-way airflow option and is available in two styles. These units give you discreet individual room control and four fan speed settings. They can be installed in a lay-in tile or drywall ceiling. The unit can be serviced by an access point in the corner pocket panel on all four corners. The PLFY-NBMU units have a built-in, drain-lift mechanism with 33 inches of condensation lift. They have four-way independent vane motor control, a wider air stream than previous models and feature an optional i-seeā„¢ sensor to measure floor temperature in real time to provide better control.

  • Energy-Efficient Technology
  • Quiet Operation
  • Allergen Filtration
  • Precise Comfort Control
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Flexible Indoor Unit Styles
  • Wireless Remote Control

Other styles of Indoor Units Available:

Wall Mounted

MS-A09, 12WA

Nominal Btu/h:9,500 – 12,000 SEER:13.0 (NON-INVERTER, 115V) Specifications

MSY/MSZ-GE09, 12, 15, 18, 24NA

Nominal Btu/h:9,000 – 22,500 SEER:19.2 – 21 HSPF (MSZ UNITS ONLY): 10

MSZ-FE09, 12, 18NA

Nominal Btu/h:9,000 – 18,000 SEER:20.2 – 26 HSPF Range: 10 – 10.6


(For use with MXZ Series only)


Nominal Btu/h:30,700 – 34,600 SEER:14.5 – 16 HSPF (MSZ UNITS ONLY): 8.2

Floor Mounted and Horizontal Ducted

MFZ-KA09, 12, 18NA

Nominal Btu/h:9,000 – 18,000 (For use with MXZ Series only)

SEZ-KD09, 12, 15, 18NA

Nominal Btu/h:8,100 – 17,200 SEER:15 – 17.5 HSPF Range: 10

PEAD-A24, 30, 36, 42NA

(For use with MXZ Series only

Specifications for other models

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